Yoga with Gem

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If you are interested in attending yoga classes, please send an email to Gemma at: for more information and class schedule.

Calling for interest – Karate Classes
Maki Brett, our resident soap maker, also has a number of secret talents including the fact that she is a black belt in Karate and is also a karate instructor.

Maki would like to look at starting karate classes, but would like to gauge community interest first.
She is interested in beginning children’s classes.  Children need to be at least 3 years of age, and she would need to be advised of any impairments or disabilities that a child may have beforehand.
She is also interested in classes of people of any age, so please send her an email to:, or give her a call on 72412603 if you would like to show interest or ask any further questions.

Lae Squash Club
With over 60 registered players, the Lae Squash Racquets Association is back on its feet with regular matches being played throughout the week and on weekends.

If you are interested in joining the club, please contact for more information. Beginners welcome!

Donate a book to a child today at Rural Boana District (Zengzeng Village) Morobe Province
If you have any old educational books that are collecting dust in your rooms please donate to RURAL VOLUTARY ELEMENTARY LIBRARY SERVICES or can pass them onto me.
The team is made up of professional educators who have taken the initiative to support rural library services. At the moment they’re seeking donations to boost this project to assist the unfortunate elementary schools in the Rural Morobe Province.
 Their first project is progressing in the mountains of Boana at the beautiful Zengzeng Village with over 40 young children enrolled at the Primary School. A Semi Permanent Library is completed however more books are needed to fill it up.
 Your kind donation is very much appreciated and will go a long way to educate a child in the outback.
For more info contact Joyce Orere (, find her on Face Book you also call her on 479 1425 (BH).

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